15 years of work


#1 in Belarus

  •    1/5, Promyshlennaya St., Skidel, Belarus
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15 years of work


#1 in Belarus

We produce edible vegetable oils, using the latest developments in the field of quality management. Our products not only meet international quality standards, but surpass them.

Sunflower oil

Refined deodorized. Unrefined.

Rape oil

Refined deodorized. Unrefined.

Linseed oil


Oilseed processing services

Sunflower. Rape. Linen.

Vegetable oil packaging

High performance filling line.

Laboratory and testing services

Private research laboratory.

Private label

Manufacture of products under our partners’ trademarks.

Deep-frying and cooking oil

High quality oil for deep-frying and cooking.

Trade and logistics center

Goods flow processing, warehouse space for rent, etc.

About us

The main activities of ‘Grodnobioproduct’ are the production of environmentally friendly, refined and deodorized edible vegetable oils, blends of such oils, unrefined and technical oils, as well as feed additives with a high content of proteins and vitamins.

Research and technology laboratory

Research and technological work.


Implementation of innovative projects in the field of biotechnology and food industry.

Commercial property

Rental of premises for production and/or warehouses with the necessary infrastructure.


We have created a Research and Technical laboratory, in order to create innovative products and technologies which are then implemented at the holding’s enterprises. Our main focus of activity in the sphere of innovation is: biotechnology, food technology, the development and improvement of feed products for farm animals, engineering.

Production facility

“We aim to provide maximum benefit on the best possible conditions to each and every one of our partners


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