Oilcake of our production is well known to regular customers and buyers who have long learnt about its impeccable quality at first hand. As a manufacturer we value our reputation and never lower the production requirements bar. Factors guaranteeing the production of high-quality oilcake:

  • storage conditions of sunflower seeds, rapeseed and camelina that do not allow them to spoil;
  • pressing with short-term heating to acceptable temperatures;
  • strict adherence to technology;
  • modern equipment;
  • continuous quality control.

We use only modern technologies to produce oilcake of highest-quality that fully complies with market requirements and quality standards. The cake of our production is a valuable product for livestock, as it contains high level of vitamins, nutrients, including balanced proteins.

Use of oilcake

Oilcake – concentrated feed is obtained from the seeds of oil crops: sunflower, rapeseed, linen, cedar, soy and others. Oilcake is an important component of diet for fish, beef, dairy cattle, pigs, chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys. It is undeniable that its consumption is beneficial for animals.

Due to its unique chemical composition, this supplement stimulates growth of fat and muscle mass. The rich content of natural protein contributes to the normal functioning and development.

In addition to protein, oilcake contains useful amino acids, microelements and fiber, which have a beneficial effect on digestion and help cleanse animals of toxins.

This food is used as an alternative to expensive protein components. It has high nutritional value and low cost. However, the fact of purchase does not guarantee maximum effect. One can’t use it thoughtlessly, one must gradually introduce it into the diet of livestock, taking into account specialists’ recommendations.