[vc_row type=»container» padding_top=»» padding_bottom=»» css=».vc_custom_1449063077218{margin-bottom: 20px !important;}»][vc_column width=»2/3″][vc_column_text]Unrefined oil is usually of light brown or brown color with cloudiness or lees. It has a clear taste of sunflower seeds and is used to season salads. Unrefined vegetable oil contains some undesirable components found in oilseeds: waxes, pigments, heavy metals, radionuclides, pesticides, etc. That is why refining (or purification) is a necessary technological process. Refining consists of the following steps:

  • Mechanical cleaning — removal of impurities
  • Hydration — the process of phospholipids removal
  • Whitening — the process of sunflower oil clarification using activated bleaching clays of natural origin
  • Freezing — removal of wax-like substances (waxes) by prolonged cooling of the oil followed by filtration
  • Deodorization — removal of oxidation products (free fatty acids and peroxides) and odorizing (flavoring) substances from oil using high temperatures under vacuum.

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Sunflower oil (brand P)

Refined deodorized freezed out sunflower oil of brand P

  • Color number, mg of iodine, — no more than 10;
  • Acid number, mg KOH/g, — no more than 0.4;
  • Mass fraction of phosphorus-containing substances, % in terms of stearooleolecithin — absent;
  • Mass fraction of moisture and volatile substances, % — no more than 0.10;
  • Mass fraction of non-fatty impurities, % — absent;
  • Peroxide value, mol/kg — no more than 5.0.

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